Lucky 7 – Google’s Newest Functionality

We have all seen some crazy things happening in Google lately.  I for one will see completely different results at 7:30 am and a whole new set at 9:00am.  It appears that Google is in aggressive testing mode.  We are seeing more and more Google Local results along with many brands shifting around and completely different page one results for multiple industries day to day and almost hour to hour.

One of the newest and most exciting new addition is the inclusion of the Google “Lucky 7″.  UK SEO David Naylor posted about it this morning and something about it got me all excited as I finally saw it for our primary flagship this morning as well.  We are used to seeing this all the time under site links or the top listings.  We are now seeing it deeper in the SERPs.

Image Here soon….I guess Googles server is getting killed by these queries right now and throwing errors (Google FAIL).

For a long time now I have had a passion for secondary listings.  To me if you had a secondary listing it told the world you were an authority in that space and your site has multiple pages that may contain what I am looking for.  With the new Lucky 7 (my attempt at coining an SEO phrase) we have the potential of going from 2 results on page 1 to 7 results on page one.

The data analysis here is huge.  This will allow us to capture enough data on deeper landing page to make decisions based on a statistical confidence level.  If we can drive more traffic to a third or forth landing page for a specific keyword then we may be able to fine tune our conversion funnel by boosting up the top performers.

The competitive analysis here is huge as well which is both good and bad.  Not only can you dig deeper into your competitors related pages (by keyterm) but with proper tracking you can identify your competitors focal points and defend or attack them in advance.

Now the question is, who will provide the first ranking tool that will gather all the top positions on page one and label them properly?  Game on…

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One Response to Lucky 7 – Google’s Newest Functionality

  1. Jon Payne says:

    Good stuff Brian. Hey just read the previous post too – do you give much weight to rankings? I like to use that in combination with where a site is ranking and plot those to get a ballpark idea of traffic potential…

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